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Why an internship at Bangladesh Institute of Legal Development (BiLD)?


Bangladesh Institute of Legal Development (BiLD) serves as a grand platform for comparative legal research in Bangladesh and rest of the world. The distinctive feature of the Research Institute is that our young & enthusiastic researchers produce highly sophisticated, cost-effective legal research with the help of a young and energetic bunch of academics & practitioners. The Institute is highly committed to development of legal education, research, publication, aid and consultancy. Since 2016 it is contributing to scholarly activities internationally by publishing books, journals, magazines, law reports, digests, etc., by arranging conference, workshop, law olympiad, mock trial & moot court, model court of justice, etc., by performing several doctrinal & social research etc. Currently the Institute is striving to be an internationally recognized research institute with a high level of commitment and accomplishment.


What does BiLD internship programme offer?


BiLD internship programme offers the opportunity to get acquainted with research and academic legal skills in the major fields of law to a limited number of highly motivated undergraduate and graduate students. It offers a stimulating and international working environment and the possibility of improving professional skills and networking capacities for future career paths.


How is the internship programme organized?


The Institute offers internships that can be taken on a voluntary basis, or as part of a degree requirement. In the latter case, it is entirely the responsibility of the intern to make sure that all requirements of the respective degree programmes are met.


Duration: Internships usually last 5 days in a week and do not exceed 3 months.


Remuneration: Interns will not be paid any remuneration. Only lunch and snacks will be provided.


Appreciation: Interns will be accredited Certificate of Appreciation after successful completion of the internship.


What are the interns’ responsibilities and tasks?


Interns will be assigned to a researcher of BiLD who will be their tutor during the entirety of their stay. They will be involved in the tutor’s specific research program as well as in the academic life of the Institute.


Interns’ tasks and responsibilities typically include:

  • Conducting research activities in the areas of specific law;
  • Assisting in the preparation of contributions to academic meetings of the Institute;
  • Writing legal summaries (cases and texts);
  • Participating in the organization of workshops and conferences;
  • Carrying out specifically tailored research activities (independently or jointly with their tutor);
  • Assisting in research projects carried out at the Institute.


Interns are encouraged to participate in the Institute’s activities and intellectual life, which include monthly research meetings as well as thematic discussion fora and national/international conferences.


Please note that interns are not student assistants. An internship is an educational experience.


Office Time: The office hour of the Internship programme is (from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm).


Eligibility: To be eligible for this program applicants must-

  • be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or graduate university level course during their proposed period of internship, of course in law), PhD candidates are not eligible for the BiLD internship programme;
  • be among the top students of their degree programme, with demonstrated research and drafting skills;
  • be fluent in written and oral English;
  • be computer literate.


Application and Selection Process

  • Applications should be submitted in Englishthrough 
  • Please send us a CVand a cover letter explaining your motivation and specific interest for applying to the BiLD for internship programmed, along with the suggested time and duration of your stay.
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • The application can be submitted anytime of the year.