Refbd is an indexing sub-service of Refwide. Scholarly articles or papers published in various national and international publications by national authors will be indexed in Refbd. Academic journal articles are only as impactful as they are discoverable, and online discovery hinges almost entirely on one thing — indexing. Without proper indexing by discovery services, researchers will be hard-pressed to find even the most groundbreaking scholarly articles.

Indexing Policies

In many research areas versions of a work may appear as preprints and conference papers before being published as a journal article. These preliminary versions of a work are often cited in addition to the authoritative journal version. The number of citations to a particular work is an important part of determining its rank in the Refbd search results. Grouping versions allows us to collect all citations to all versions of a work. In practice, this can significantly improve the position of an article in the search results.
When multiple versions of a work are indexed, we select the full and authoritative text from the publisher as the primary version. We can only do this if we are able to successfully identify, crawl and process the full text of the publisher’s version.
We work with publishers to preserve their control over access to their content and only cache articles and papers that don’t have access restrictions. Publishers can help us by identifying the regions of their sites that have access restrictions.
This is a necessary component of our indexing program. For papers with access restrictions, all users clicking on search results must see at least the full author-written abstract or the first full page of the article without requiring to login or click on additional links.
Our policy is to respond to all notices of alleged copyright infringement.