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Academic Services include article indexing, paper publication, praparing paper originality report, search various academic documents, laws, etc. Academic Service Department (ASD) of BiLD provides these services and manages clients. ASD is consisted of three (3) full-time academician from reputed institutions. Clients’ discussions with our staffs are protected by service provider/client privilege. Our staff has a wide range of experience and knowledge of the law. They are familiar with the academic legal domain of various countries. 

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Refbd is an indexing sub-service of Refwide. Scholarly articles or papers published in various national and international publications by national authors will be indexed in Refbd.


SearchRef will present any required information to you quickly, if you want to analyse that information for academic or legal purpose. It is basically a rapid searching service.


Paper Publication Support services to help you get published in reputed Scopus indexed international journals. Journal Selection, Pre-Submission Peer Review, Plagiarism Check, and Much More!

Journal Indexing Service

JIS is offering academic database services to researchers. Its mainly: citation indexing, analysis, and maintains citation databases covering thousands of academic journals.

Turnitin Originality Report

Using advanced plagiarism software, we scan and check the originality of your research manuscript. We then provide you a report which highlights any such instances.


Check the language of your manuscript before you submit it for publication. Be reassured that your reader will react the way you expect based on your intended language. We can ...


We always believe that for gaining success, devotion in time and quality work is necessary. Time is money to us but quality is first. If you want to access premium service from us, you have to pay us smartly and we will ensure the quality of service.

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