Child Rights

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Bangladesh Institute of Legal Development (BiLD) believes that no child’s life should be blighted by poverty. BiLD has stand up for children growing up in hardship in Bangladesh by:

• Campaigning for better policies to lift children out of poverty and prevent more children falling into hardship in the future

• Providing expert advice on welfare rights through our publications to support struggling families

Poverty shuts children out from the chances they deserve. We believe with the right policies and political will, every child can enjoy a full and healthy childhood.


We see climate change everywhere — in stronger storms, drier droughts and more acidic oceans. We also see solutions everywhere — in the way we make electricity, fertilize crops or move cargo. With sophisticated scientific tools and a deep knowledge of what makes the economy work, we’re building lasting ways to stabilize the climate and protect communities hit the hardest.


From light switch to ignition switch, energy powers our lives. But much of it comes from burning oil and natural gas, a major cause of climate change and air pollution. Reducing emissions from those fuels is only part of the job. Breaking the world’s dependence on oil and gas is just as critical. That’s why BiLD, with a wide range of partners, is tackling both — for …


To protect a growing population in a changing climate, our agricultural and coastal communities must be healthy and flexible. To make our world more resilient, BiLD develops solutions for environmentally sound farming, ranching and water management. We work with coastal communities to protect them from rising seas and storms. We also work with farmers on food production …