Reprints and Permissions

Reprint Service

We offer a reprint service for those requiring professional quality reproductions of articles.

Articles published in BiLD Law Journal

All articles are made available and publicly accessible via the Internet without any restrictions or payment by the user. PDF and HTML versions of open access articles published in BiLD Law Journal are freely available for download and provide a convenient way for users to make printed copies themselves.

As part of our copyright and license agreement, open access articles may be reproduced without formal permission or payment of permission fees. As a courtesy, however, anyone wishing to reproduce large quantities of an open access article (250+) should inform the copyright holder and we suggest a contribution in support of open access publication.

Figures and Tables

Reproduction of figures or tables from any article is permitted free of charge and without formal written permission from the publisher or the copyright holder, provided that the figure/table is original, BiLD is duly identified as the original publisher, and that proper attribution of authorship and the correct citation details are given as acknowledgment. If you have any questions about reproduction of figures or tables please contact us.

Reprint Service

We offer a reprint service for those requiring professional quality reproductions of articles. Reprints are produced from the final PDF of the article; if you are interested in reprints of an article which is at Provisional PDF stage, please email us.

25-500 copies of any article with a final PDF can be ordered using the online ordering system provided by BiLD/EzReprint. From the full text or abstract of the article, selecting the option to ‘Order reprints’ takes you directly to the order page, where the article details will be automatically inserted.

This simple to use service offers a variety of production and payment options, and enables users to have reprints delivered to their door.

For orders of 500+ copies, please contact

Commercial Reprints

We ask that those wishing to reproduce articles for commercial purposes pay our commercial rates. The income received helps us to waive article-processing charges for authors who lack funds to cover these costs.

A quotation can be obtained by emailing