Ms. Ayesha Ahmed

Commonwealth scholar
University of Bristol, England; &

Editorial Member, LUMS Law Journal
Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS)
Lahore, Pakistan

Deputy Editor
South Asian Law Review

Ms. Ayesha Ahmed is currently pursuing LLM in Law and Globalisation at the University of Bristol as a Commonwealth Shared Scholar. Before, she was practising corporate and banking law in the courts of Lahore, Pakistan. During this period she was also a compliance officer for the Institute of Labour Rights where she researched and drafted reports concerning the state of labour law in different countries. Preceding this she was a research assistant for Dr Zubair Abbasi. Thereunder, she edited the entirety of his book Family Laws in Pakistan. Furthermore, she analyzed cases of the Supreme Court and Federal Shariat Court of Pakistan concerning rape to assess the overall trend over decades. During this time she also published a research paper regarding assisted reproduction in Pakistan and co-authored another about sexual harassment laws

It was during her BA-LLB program at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) she acquired in depth experience in research. Under Dr Menaka Guruswamy, she researched upon the development of case law of the Supreme Court of Pakistan in expanding its powers at the expense of other organs of the state. For Marva Khan, she looked into how the state used constitutional law to restrict freedom of speech, and the response of the judiciary to such challenges. she was also part of the editorial committee for the LUMS Law Journal.