BiLD Law Report

Although case law reporting is an old concept of BiLD, it yet to come into light as publication under the banner of BiLD. The Institute has taken plan to publish two distinctive Report simultaneously. The distinctive benefit of the Law Reports is that the case reports normally include a summary of counsel’s argument, prepared by the reporter who attended the hearing, and approved by counsel prior to publication.

Structure of Law Report

One of the first things a reader has to do is learn how to navigate and interpret a law report quickly. A law report is more than just the judgment. It begins with the names of the parties, the date of the hearing and the names of the judge or judges, and, usually, the court. Then follow catchwords, which are indexing terms and the headnote, which is a summary of the facts and the judgment by the advocate reporting the case. The judgment sometimes begins several pages after the beginning of the report.

BiLD Law Report

BiLD Law Report (BLR) is a monthly case law reporting platform to be published under the banner of Bangladesh Institute of Legal Development (BiLD). The Report shall be published in twelve issues and codified all the issues once a year. It is mainly the codifications of all the judgments of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh.


BRCD is also a new dimension of case law reporting to be published by Bangladesh Institution of Legal Development (BiLD). It stands for BiLD Report on Commercial Decisions. The Report shall be published quarterly and codified all reports once a year. It is basically the codifications of all the commercial decisions of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh.