Authors’ Instruction

BiLD welcomes submissions of book proposals in the core areas (academic, practicing and research) in which we publish. If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please follow these guidelines:


Potential authors should include a cover letter, a copy of their CV, a prospectus/proposal, and sample chapters from the work (if available). In general all material should be unbound and double-spaced on single-sided paper. 


Please send your query to us by name and ideally via email at book@bildbd.comWe prefer to receive submissions via email, but please do not email your entire manuscript unless asked. If you are submitting in print, your submission should be sent to the following address:


Bangladesh Institute of Legal Development (BiLD)
KR Plaza (Level 6 & 7)
31 Purana Paltan, Dhaka- 1000


Please note: while we are interested in receiving appropriate proposals sent according to these guidelines, we do not accept and will not return unsolicited manuscripts or original artwork.


We do not respond to queries from potential authors by phone except only suggestion about submission.


Please keep a copy of your submission. We can or cannot return your proposal/sample chapters. As stated above, we will not return unsolicited manuscripts. BiLD is not responsible for any lost or misdirected manuscripts, proposals, photos, artwork or other submissions.


Decision time regarding evaluation of proposals can vary from as little as a few weeks to several months. Although we consider every submission that we receive which is sent according to the above guidelines, we cannot respond personally to each submission.


Peer review is an important component of BiLD’s evaluation process. Before any book can be accepted for publication by BiLD, it is evaluated by our editorial staff and by outside readers and ultimately must be approved by the BiLD’s Book Review Committee.


For more information, please refer to submission policy.