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One of the major aims of Bangladesh Institute of Legal Development (BiLD) is to make contribution in the legal education of Bangladesh and rest of the world. As such the Institute has an ultimate goal since 2016 to publish international standard law books covering demand of all walks of people including the academics, scholars, practitioners, researchers and students. From the beginning of its establishment, the Institute is highly committed to publish the highest standard of law books in Bangladesh. BiLD publishes books written, edited and translated by the researchers of BiLD in general. Alongside it publishes books written by other authors if that books meet international standard. 

Academic Books

Undergraduate & Postgraduate level academic books

Practicing Books

Lower Court & Higher Court Practicing Books

Research Books

Doctrinal & Empirical Legal Research books

Upcoming Books

Modern Legislative Drafting: A 21st Century Approach

Muhammad Majibar Rahman

The Art of Trial


Existing Books

BiLD has already published three books under its banner. Among the books two are for academic and the other is for practicing area. Among the books ‘Laws Relating to Power of Attorney’ has been criticized positively by the readers. BiLD has a great plan to publish a lot of good law books covering not only academic and practicing areas but also research and literature areas. Quality of the books to be published under its banner will always by upper standard as the Institute is committed to publish highest standard law books for Bangladesh and rest of the world. As such BiLD will not compromise with the quality of any book published under its banner.


Some distinguish writers from nation and abroad have already contacted us and we are hoping to publish their books. Two resourceful books are coming to light soon under the banner of BiLD and the Institute is hoping to publish more law books in future.

Translation Scheme

The Institute has a strong basement to translate a huge number of foreign books in Bangla. Although here in Bangladesh has huge demand of good quality law books written in Bangla, it is often heard from law students, researchers and lawyers that Bangla law books available in the market are often unable to meet the expected standard. As complex the arena of law is, we understand demand of Bangla law books that ensures highest standard, and we are committed to fulfill the demand of these people.


We believe that Bangla Medium will one day become a standard version of studying legal education, legal research, etc. As our book will be published both in Bangla and English, readers are free to choose in which language they want to study. However, our attempts will be successful when we will be able to deliver these promises. So, we need prayer and good wishes.


Editorial Quality

Books published under the banner of BiLD are managed by a separate team of expert. The team consists of some great writers and these honorable persons generally review each manuscript before publishing any book under BiLD's banner. A world renowned editorial board of distinguished area editors, collectively representing many of the major areas of law. Area editors are responsible for inviting members of the community to submit book publication proposals, evaluating invited and unsolicited proposals and manuscripts in their areas, managing and overseeing review, and making final publication recommendations to BiLD.

Publication Format

BiLD Law Books are high quality standards on timely schedules. Manuscripts are professionally edited and formatted, incorporating attractive series designs for interiors and covers. BiLD Law Books are published in multiple digital formats, including downloadable pdfs and reflowable ebook formats. Volumes are also published in economical, attractive print form using cutting edge print-on-demand technology. BiLD always try to follow some specific formats during makeup of a manuscript before transforming to book. The philosophy behind promulgating these specific formats is to upgrading the environment of total legal domain.


BiLD Law Books are actively marketed to the law community through multiple vehicles including advertising in BiLD publications. BiLD Law Books receive personalized attention by leveraging the extensive and comprehensive Special Interest Group (SIG) network of law communities. Individual title publication is announced on appropriate BiLD subscribed lists. The full text of BiLD Law Books is available for indexing by major search engines to enhance discoverability, and MARC records ...

Wide Access

The primary goal of the BiLD Law Books is to provide a broad distribution outlet for book authors in the law community. Pricing the books so that it is affordable to institutions around the world is a priority for BiLD Law Books. Bundled pricing for academic, government, and corporate institutions makes it possible for all individual users within their institutions to have free and unrestricted access to all titles published. To make such a recommendation, please contact your institution’s librarian or information manager.

Subscription Options

A subscription gives you 1 year of updates and support from the date of purchase. For any inquiry, please email us at