Quantitative Design

Bangladesh Institute of Legal Development (BiLD) conducts research project on various research proposal of national and international organizations. The Institute is now working on preparation of a guideline of how a research project can be conducted easily with a minimum cost.


Previously the Institute worked on four project which is listed below:


Serial No.Project NameOrganization

A Research on

Implementation Status of ILO Convention- 182 and Optional Protocol-2 in Bangladesh

Terre des Hommes

Project End Line Survey

Civil Society Organization and Local Authorities (CSOs and LA) Project

HELVETAS Intercooperation

Mid-Term Evaluation of

Strenthen Civil Society and Public Institutions to Combat Gender-Based Violence and Build Community Resilience to Adopt Climate Change Impacts Project

Manusher Jonno Foundation 
4.Country Needs Assessment of BangladeshSAMPREETI