BiLD Sports & Cultural Club

BiLD Sports & Cultural Club was formed for planning and promoting events and activities which facilitate interaction among researchers and enhance and sustain employee morale. BiLD Sports & Cultural Club has conducted various activities indoor and outdoor be it sports or cultural events. BiLD Sports & Cultural Club also coordinates enjoyable and rewarding activities, programs, and services for the researchers. The mission of BiLD Sports & Cultural Club is to raise the morale of the researchers through various activities internally and socially.

BiLD Sports & Cultural Club Incorporated represents its members as “BiLD Team” because everyone in this Club works as a team, there is no “you” or “I”. It reflects the meaning of BiLD, working together and bringing one another together in peace and harmony. BiLD Team consists of males and females of different ages. The team members bring invaluable knowledge and experience in different areas such as managing events, marketing, cultural knowledge, and sports enthusiasm. BiLD Team will look after the participant’s welfare by providing suitable resources and a platform that fosters a healthier constructive environment. The club aims to hold a sport and cultural cup annually, while also looking at ways to expand the number of sports being played and create an awareness of particular sports within the females in our community, in order to give our community members and upcoming generations a strong platform and choices of multiple sports they could participate in.