Law Reports

Law report is familiar as published record of a judicial decision that is cited by lawyers and judges for their use as precedent in subsequent cases. BiLD is trying to develop all case laws in a unique online platform. Further BiLD will have launch a separate Law Report very soon.

1. Dhaka Law Reports (DLR) 1949-present
2. Pakistan Law Reports (PLR, Dhaka Series) 1950-1973
3. Bangladesh Supreme Court Digest (BSCD) 1972-present
4. Bangladesh Tax Decision (BTD) 1973-2006
5. Bangladesh Supreme Court Reports (BSCR) 1976-1996
6. Bangladesh Legal Decisions (BLD) 1981-present
7. Bangladesh Case Reports (BCR) 1981-1990; 2004-2007
8. Bangladesh Law Times (BLT) 1993-present
9. Mainstream Law Reports (MLR) 1996-2014
10. Bangladesh Law Chronicles (BLC) 1996-present
11. Law Guardian (LG) 2004-2013; 2016-present
12. The Lawyers Appellate Division Cases (ADC) 2004-present
13. Ex-Files 2008-2013
14. Chancery Law Chronicles (CLC) 2008-present
15. The Law Reporters (TLR) 2011-2014
16. Apex Law Reports (ALR) 2012-present
17. Law Circle Law Reports (LCLR) 2012-2014
18. Lawyers & Jurists (L&R) 2012-present
19. Counsel Law Reports (CLR) 2013-present
20. Bangladesh Case Law 2013
21. Supreme Court Online Bulletin (SCOB) 2015-present
22. Law Messenger (LM) 2016-present