Mr. Mohammed Sorowar Uddin

Sorowar Nizami

Principal Research Officer; &
Chief Executive
Bangladesh Institute of Legal development (BiLD)

Editor General
BiLD Law Journal (ISSN- 2518-6523); &
Managing Editor
South Asian Law Review (ISSN- 2708-5740)

Mohammed Sorowar Uddin (also known as MSU) firmly believes that people should do some charitable works in their life. And only because of this intrinsic philosophy lied in the centre of his mind, he loves to do those passionate and creative works which bring benefits for the people of society.

He is currently engaged in BiLD, SFCCM, and in Projonmo Mirsharai. All these three organizations are non-political, non-profitable, and completely charitable. Among these the first one is Projonmo Mirsharai, working for the students of Mirsharai from the very beginning. MSU was a founding member of this student organization in 2011. Later in 2013 he served the organization as a vice-president.

In April 2016 MSU established Bangladesh Institute of Legal Development (BiLD) alongwith Mr Md. Abul Kalam Azad. It is one of the largest legal research institutes of Bangladesh. Here Mr Sorowar is concurrently serving as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) from the date of its being birth. The Institute basically serves as a grand platform for comparative legal research in Bangladesh and rest of the world. It is highly committed to development of legal education, research, publication, aid and consultancy. Since 2016 it is contributing to scholarly activities internationally by publishing books, journals, magazines, law reports, digests, etc., by arranging conference, workshop, law olympiad, mock trial & moot court, model court of justice, etc., by performing several doctrinal & social research etc. Currently the Institute is striving to be an internationally recognized research institute with a high level of commitment and accomplishment.

MSU is also a founding member and research director in Safe Food & Conscious Consumers Movement (SFCCM) Society. Before being selected as RD, he was the joint secretary of the organisation. This non-profitable, non-political and non-governmental voluntary organization was established in 2019 for creating awareness and conducting research on against the adulteration of food and the violation of consumers’ rights. The organization is currently working its best for achieving the aims and objects it set out in its memorandum.

Apart from all, MSU has recently launched Sorowar Foundation to contribute largely for the society. His all previous and upcoming works have been dedicated to this foundation. The foundation is initially working for promoting legal education and research, and against poverty, disease, etc.