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We see climate change everywhere — in stronger storms, drier droughts and more acidic oceans. We also see solutions everywhere — in the way we make electricity, fertilize crops or move cargo. With sophisticated scientific tools and a deep knowledge of what makes the economy work, we’re building lasting ways to stabilize the climate and protect communities ...


From light switch to ignition switch, energy powers our lives. But much of it comes from burning oil and natural gas, a major cause of climate change and air pollution. Reducing emissions from those fuels is only part of the job. Breaking the world’s dependence on oil and gas is just as critical. That’s why BiLD, with a wide range of partners, is tackling both — for ...


To protect a growing population in a changing climate, our agricultural and coastal communities must be healthy and flexible. To make our world more resilient, BiLD develops solutions for environmentally sound farming, ranching and water management. We work with coastal communities to protect them from rising seas and storms. We also work ...

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BiLD Law Book

One of the major aims of Bangladesh Institute of Legal Development (BiLD) is to make contribution in the legal education of Bangladesh and rest of the world. As such the Institute has an ultimate goal since 2016 to publish international standard law books covering demand of all walks of people including the ...

South Asian Law Review

South Asian Law Review (ISSN- 2708-5740) is a new platform of comparative legal research, especially on the laws of South Asian countries. The journal is a publication of Bangladesh Institute of Legal Development (BiLD). It welcomes contributions from the scholars, researchers, practitioners, policy makers, etc ...

BiLD Law Magazine

BiLD Law Magazine (ISSN-L 2617-6971) is a platform where researchers of all ages can contribute to the legal sector through scholarly articles. BiLD law magazine is an amazing compilation where genuine brilliant legal ideas can be shared through well researched write-up. The core idea of the magazine is to contribute in ...

BiLD Law Diary

Law Diary is not a new concept. BiLD has taken initiative to publish law diary in 2018. Successful legal professionals all over the world rely on Law Diary every day to stay incredibly organized, easily communicate and collaborate with their clients while simultaneously managing and growing their practice. Because ...

BiLD Law Dictionary

BiLD Law Dictionary is an upcoming publication of BiLD especially designed for fulfilling the demand of legal scholars of all over the world. Since foundation in 2016, BiLD is working on such a dictionary and now the Institute is planning to publish the dictionary in three edition (deluxe, abridged and pocket) ...

BiLD Law Report

Although case law reporting is an old concept of BiLD, it yet to come into light as publication under the banner of BiLD. The Institute has taken plan to publish two distinctive Report simultaneously. The distinctive benefit of the Law Reports is that the case reports normally include a summary of counsel’s argument, prepared by the reporter ...


BiLD Law Academy

BiLD Law Academy (BLA) has been established with a view to providing highest quality tuition support to the students of Bangladesh for any matter involved thereto. The Academy’s vision is highly regarded for excellence in tuition support and to be a leader in distance and both internal & external international legal education.

BiLD University

We have a strong support in establishing a specialized law university at Dhaka, Bangladesh. The University will focus on a scientific method of learning laws of Bangladesh. You are invited to visit our support forum and knowledge base. For any question please send us a message to ...

BiLD Winter School

Become a Successful legal Professional with the help of Winter School. We want to make you perfect and fit for the future challenges in legal profession.Participants can gain experience through intensive residential training conducted by BiLD with the help of skilled instructors. Participants can know how to study under ...



Law Movie Review Competition 2020

A month long Film Festival, titled as 'BiLD Law Film Fest 2019' held at BiLD on the month of February. At the festival participants watched five law related movies, namely: The Trial, To kill a Mocking Bird, 12 Angry Men, I am Sam, The Devils Advocate. The event held each ...

Legal Literature Study & Review 2019

An event named 'Legal Literature Study and Review 2019', organized by Bangladesh Institute of Legal Development (BiLD) held from February 09 to March 09. At this month long event, participants reviewed five selected legal literatures, namely ...

BiLD Law Film Fest 2019

A month long Film Festival, titled as 'BiLD Law Film Fest 2019' held at BiLD on the month of February. At the festival participants watched five law related movies, namely: The Trial, To kill a Mocking Bird, 12 Angry Men, I am Sam, The Devils Advocate. The event held each ...





Academic Service

Academic Services includes article indexing, paper publication, praparing paper originality report, search various academic documents, laws, etc. Academic Service Department (ASD) of BiLD provides these services and manages clients. ASD is consisted of three (3) full-time academician from reputed institutions. Clients’ discussions with our staffs are protected by ...

Research Service

To help you gain the resources and expertise you need for your research, we have created a robust package of research services to deliver to the highest standards throughout your plan. We provide reliable and meaningful information about stakeholders, funding, service, and policy landscapes so that organizations can make informed decisions ...

Legal Service

Legal Service Department (LSD) is composed of experts in different areas of the law. Some lawyers specialize in a certain field of law, such as business, civil, criminal, or admiralty law. We will determine which type of attorney is right for your legal situation.

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